About BellaVia Research

Julie Francis is founder and principal at BellaVia Research, a boutique qualitative research consultancy located in sunny Santa Cruz, on the central California coast.

BellaVia Research specializes in custom qualitative market research that optimizes the user experience:  strategy, website usability, product development, SmartGrid. We’ve been consulting on user experience and conducting website usability research since the days when you had to explain to your grandma just what “the internets” are. Our work has been associated with major jumps in key metrics — order size, conversion rates, and all the other important numbers that business owners care about.

BellaVia Research creates custom qualitative research methodologies to meet client objectives, and utilizes a variety of research techniques to optimize learnings. In addition to traditional methodologies, BellaVia Research utilizes new innovative techniques that deliver high-quality insights in a time- and budget-friendly manner:  online diaries for “ethnographic-esque” peeks into consumer lives, online remote usability, and other online techniques.

As principal of BellaVia Research, Julie brings to the table over 15 years of market research experience, including both quantitative and qualitative research. This background uniquely positions Julie to utilize qualitative research methodologies as part of a comprehensive research program. Got a gnarly segmentation algorithm?  Julie can handle it.

Julie is a skilled moderator among a range of participants, including consumer, business-to-business and C-level interviewees. Prior to launching BellaVia Research, Julie worked with Creative Good in New York City and San Francisco, Socratic Technologies in San Francisco, and Audits & Surveys Worldwide in their San Francisco office.

For more information, visit bellaviaresearch.com or call us at 831.454.8217.


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